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What's all this hoopla about Oyo?

OYO, the three letter word, has an interesting history - dating back to the 12th century. Learn more about all the places associated with the word Oyo and also find all Oyo hotels. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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OYO & Hotels

Most people recognize the word OYO as an acronym for On-Your-Own. However, Oyo is the name of several cities, airports, celebrities, musical marvels, and companies. Below is brief info on those lesser known namesakes and links to hotels near all those Oyos as you plan your adventure.

Oyo Rooms, Oravel

No conversation about OYO can be complete without mentioning OYO Rooms - a website for booking budget lodging. It is owned by Oravel Stays Private Limited (no affiliation with this website). OYO has been accused of using predatory pricing and not following its own agreements including threatening hotels to unilaterally change some of the clauses or not be paid

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Oyo, Oyo, Nigeria

Oyo is a city in Oyo state, Nigeria founded as the capital of the Oyo Kingdom in the 1830s

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Oyo, Republic of the Congo

Oyo is a town in the Republic of Congo, served by the Oyo Ollombo Airport. Pefaco Hotel Alima Palace is a 5 star hotel in Oyo

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Oyo River, Indonesia

The Oyo River is a river in southern Central Java and Yogyakarta, in the central south area of Java island, Indonesia

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OYO Airport, Argentina

Tres Arroyos Airport's IATA code is OYO. The airport serves Tres Arroyos, a city in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina.

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Oyo Boy Sotto, Manila, Philippines

Vittorio Mari Bonnevie Sotto is a Filipino actor more popularly known as Oyo Boy Sotto. He has performed in more than 50 TV Shows and Movies. He was born in Manila which has some great hotels.

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Oyo - Album by Angelique Kidjo

Õÿö was nominated at the the 53rd Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary World Music. It mixes traditional music, classic soul and even a Bollywood song. The Oyo album pays tribute to Kidjo's childhood in Benin.

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Oyodo, Japan

Oyodo is a town located in Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture, Japan with a population of ~18000. There is even a river named Oyodo River in Japan.

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Oyonnax, France

Oyonnax is a commune in in eastern France. Its prominence in the plastics industry has earned it the name Plastics Valley.

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Oyom Abang, Yaounde, Cameroon

Oyom Abang is an area in Younde, the capital city of Cameroon.

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